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Factors Influencing Dental Bridge Cost

October 11, 2013

There are many options to replace missing teeth and dental bridges are one of them. Dental bridges are false teeth which replace missing teeth that have been removed. A bridge can comprise a series of several dental crowns attached together or a single prosthetic tooth fixed to adjacent teeth. Just as in the case of […]

Factors Affecting Denture Cost

October 1, 2013

Cost is a major factor in denture placement. The cost of dentures depends on several factors such as materials used, complexity of treatment and type of dentures chosen. It would also depend on whether the treatment was done through the NHS or privately. Here are some of the important factors that impact the cost of […]


Free Implant Advice
After visiting an implant clinic and mentioning about this site, a dental professional has offered to give free advice to anyone who wants to enquire...