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October 11, 2013

There are many options to replace missing teeth and dental bridges are one of them. Dental bridges are false teeth which replace missing teeth that have been removed. A bridge can comprise a series of several dental crowns attached together or a single prosthetic tooth fixed to adjacent teeth. Just as in the case of any type of major dental procedure, it’s important to know what dental bridge work will cost before you go ahead. The cost of a dental bridge depends on several factors:
• Size and type of the bridge: Bridge size and type will affect the overall cost of the procedure. Bridges are measured in units. For one missing teeth, a three-unit bridge is used. Two crowns hold a fake tooth to replace the ‘real’ one that is missing. Four-unit bridges will be required for two missing teeth. Implant-supported bridges, supported by implants and not by regular teeth, are used when natural teeth are missing. A bridge that involves implants is more expensive than a regular dental bridge.
• Material used: The cost of the dental bridge would depend on the base material alloy which could be gold or porcelain.
• Dentist’s experience and location: Placing dental bridges will cost more if highly skilled dentists and lab technicians with superior training, artistry and experience are involved. The cost of dental bridges can also vary between urban and rural areas.
• Additional procedures: If additional procedures such as fillings or root canals in one or two of the adjoining teeth are necessary, dental bridge work will cost more.
Other factors that affect the tooth bridge cost include the patient’s level of dental insurance coverage, after-care, and number of appointments required with the dentist. Bridges on the NHS (band 3) cost £214. If you are eligible for help with dental costs, find a dentist that accepts NHS patients.

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