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Dental Surgery – Things to Know

October 30, 2013

Dental health is important for everyone. Poor oral health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can raise the risk for other health problems such as heart attack, stroke, and poorly controlled diabetes, negatively impacting your general health and quality of life. According to a new study reported in an article in Medical News Today, poor […]

Factors Influencing Dental Bridge Cost

October 11, 2013

There are many options to replace missing teeth and dental bridges are one of them. Dental bridges are false teeth which replace missing teeth that have been removed. A bridge can comprise a series of several dental crowns attached together or a single prosthetic tooth fixed to adjacent teeth. Just as in the case of […]

Factors Affecting Denture Cost

October 1, 2013

Cost is a major factor in denture placement. The cost of dentures depends on several factors such as materials used, complexity of treatment and type of dentures chosen. It would also depend on whether the treatment was done through the NHS or privately. Here are some of the important factors that impact the cost of […]

Denture Repair

September 12, 2013

A removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues, a denture is susceptible to damage. Denture fracture (prosthesis fracture) is one of the most serious complications associated with full dentures. There are several factors which cause denture damage such as wear and tear, a traumatic blow that knocks off teeth, accidental drops, stress from chewing […]

Factors Impacting Cosmetic Dentistry Costs

Cosmetic dentistry can remove stains on your teeth and make them whiter, cover them with crowns, repair chips, seal cavities, reshape teeth to match with the rest, and close gaps between teeth. Straight teeth free of flaws and a beautiful smile are what many people look for when going in for cosmetic dentistry. However, one […]

Dental Implants Vs Bridges

August 24, 2013

Both dental implants and bridges serve the same purpose – they replace lost teeth. While dental implants are replacement tooth roots, a dental bridge is a type of crown that is used to cover an empty space between two teeth, which typically occurs when a tooth is removed. Let’s compare these options and look at […]

Points to Consider When Getting Dental Implants Done in London

August 9, 2013

Dental implants have become a popular alternative to conventional dentures, bridges and crowns and are in high demand. This surgical procedure requires great precision in diagnosis and placement. London is an ideal place for dental implant treatment for the following reasons • Availability of qualified experienced dentists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons • High success […]

Dental Implants Abroad – Important Considerations

August 3, 2013

Combining dental treatment with a holiday abroad or “dental tourism” as it is called is a popular practice in the U.K and other developed countries. The major advantage of choosing to get dental procedures such dental implants abroad is related to costs, which are much lower there. National Health Service (NHS) treatment for dental implants […]

Dental Implant Procedure – Steps Involved

July 26, 2013

Dental implants are artificial roots made of titanium to replace missing teeth. The treatment is becoming popular as it is a long-term solution and reduces bone loss. Implants are an ideal alternative for dentures and bridges. You can replace one tooth or several teeth with implants. A variety of dental specialists such as a periodontist, […]

Dealing with Common Dental Implant Problems

July 24, 2013

Dental implants are an increasingly popular alternative to removable dentures or fixed bridges for tooth replacement. Implants provide numerous benefits such as enhanced oral health, appearance, speech, durability, ability to eat, and convenience. This treatment has a high success rate. However, like any other cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, there are some potential complications associated with […]


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